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Maria Teresa

Top Reviewer
Last time ordered from here the food arrived at room temperature and soon turned cold. This time however, food arrived the hottest it's ever been since ordering from here- it was piping hot! so BRAVO to City Slicker and whatever they did to coordinate w/the delivery service. Noticed the very nice delivery driver was using a thermal bag to transport my food ( and others' per the looks of it). Food was in aluminum containers stacked inside a sealed paper bag. The chili with the cheese and over easy fried egg option was yum, the mashed potato was good. Now that they've figured out how to deliver hot food, I will definitely order from here again.


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Amazing customer service & amazing food! My order was accidentally mixed up with another persons close to closing and before I could even call to let them know, City Slicker was on the phone with me, apologizing & remaking my order after their kitchen was supposed to be closed for the night. I work in customer service and know how easily mix-ups can happen (especially at the end of the work day), so I was completely wowed that City Slicker went above and beyond what they needed to do to fix this honest mistake. Their delivery driver was also so friendly & apologetic. Cant recommend them enough!


Top Reviewer
We ordered two entrees to share -- the Chicken Picatta and the Garlic Steak Tips -- and we ended up practically fighting over the chicken. It's was extremely delicious and while the steak tips were good, they just didn't compare. For sides, we had all green vegetables and the spinach and asparagus were great. Broccoli rabe was listed but we received just broccoli which was a small disappointment.

Delivery was quick and accurate by a pleasant and professional driver. Overall excellent food and will be ordering again very soon.


1 review
The delivery was actually a bit early. Have gotten them before but... whoever was on the grill last night 3/20... the burgers... from toppings to the bun being toasted... spot on. Great job.
Grab a few napkins, try the jalapeo slaw and if youre feeling like sometime fried try the tots.


Top Reviewer
Lots of food and delicious! Everyone loved the sandwiches. A lot of people generally go for the non-vegetarian options, but some decided to try the avocado sandwich and everyone was raving about it!! We will definitely be ordering from here again!!

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1 review
Ive order food from here often. Never a bad experience, my fave is the Crab-Stuffed Salmon.


1 review
Delivery was early, food was excellent


1 review
On time and the food was good.

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